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3 ways learning makes a better online entrepreneur

Knowledge is power, or so the saying goes !  But how and where do we get knowledge ?  As a child most of us went to school and were educated in subjects our Governments and teachers thought we ought to know.  I don’t know about you but I have never thought about, never mind used, most of the knowledge I was taught in school.  Computers didn’t even exist when I went to school.  Who cares what a X b = c is ?  I certainly didn’t.   I left school at 15 because I couldn’t see the point in staying there to learn things I was never likely to use.  I had no qualifications, no certificates, nothing to prove I’d ever been to school let alone learned anything.

How did I get on in life ?

Although I wasn’t a fan of formal education, I have always been a great advocate of continuous learning.  My philosophy has been, ‘learn what I need to know, when I need to know it, to do what I need to do’.  The gaining of new knowledge has always been one of the great joys in life for me – but only if it’s useful or something I’m particularly interested in.  Most of what I now know has been self-taught supplemented by vocational training when necessary.  One thing I’ve learned along the way is that no-one is an expert in everything and this is especially important when it comes to building a successful online business.  For 13 years I owned a reasonably successful training company in a niche I’d been working in since my teen years.  I had a good understanding of how business worked and how to run one but this didn’t help much when I decided to start my online business.  80% of the knowledge I’d gained over all my years was useless to me and it was scary.  You may be feeling the same way.

How can learning help build a successful online business ?

Here are 3 ways in which learning will help you build your successful online business.

Get the big picture first – One of the challenges of working online is that there are so many different things you can be doing: Internet marketing; eCommerce; Affiliate marketing.  Take a good look around and then decide what kind of business you want.  Research all of the different options thoroughly or you’ll find you’ll waste a lot of time later.

Focus on one thing at a time – Many entrepreneurs make the mistake of trying to do too many things at the same time.  Focus on one thing – Internet Marketing, eCommerce or whatever you want but just one thing.  Learn everything you can about your chosen field.  Find the right people to teach you what you want to know.  Read my previous blog relating to finding a mentor to help you.  This will increase your level of knowledge more quickly and help you grow your business much faster.

Take action with the knowledge you have – gaining knowledge is all well and good but it is useless unless you do something with it.  By taking action with the knowledge you have, you will improve your knowledge even further and help other people along the way by providing value. Just do it and your business will grow.

Find the right people to give you the knowledge you need

There are hundreds of people out there who will be ready to sell you training programs to improve your knowledge.  Many of them are just trying to make a fast buck.  Others will give you great value. Getting a mentor will help you no end if you pick the right one.  There are different mentors for different types of business.  My friend and mentor Dean Holland is great for internet marketing. Another of my mentors, Adrian Morrison is the king of eCommerce using Shopify. Before you think I get paid for dropping names like this, believe me I don’t.  I have spent many hours learning from Dean’s team and Adrian.  The value they provide is unbelievable.

A quick way to gain knowledge is to join a top class program such as Dean Holland’s Big Commission Blueprint program.  This can be a fast track to the knowledge you need but if you buy into a program like this always check the level of support you will receive from the vendor.

Take action !

Whatever you decide to do, take the time to learn your chosen subject thoroughly and then take action to make your dream a reality.  Live your dream.

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