3 Free SEO Tools For Internet Marketers

Getting SEO right is a must if you use social media.

Get free SEO tools

SEO means ‘Find’

I started my internet business almost 12 months ago knowing almost nothing about internet marketing. Much like all ‘newby’ internet business people I expect.

Since then I’ve listened to countless webinars, watched more videos and read hundreds of articles about SEO. I’ve worked out that you could spend thousands with companies who are promising the earth, or on training programs by one ‘guru’ or another. Where possible I prefer not to pay at all and this is how I manage that.

3 FREE but essential SEO tools

1. Use Google suggest as a guide to key words. This is the drop down box which appears when you enter a search term into the Google search box. The drop down box will give you terms, long tail keywords, which people have been searching on in the niche you’re targeting. FREE !

2. Google Adwords give you more choice but takes longer. Worth the effort though.

3. Instagram and Pinterest both use photographs or other images to reach others. Get royalty free images from Pixabay.com or Pexels.com and use a free program like WordSwag.com to add text to the image. Don’t forget to add metadata to your images if you want them to be picked up by search engines.

I use these methods all the time to give my posts the best chance of being found by search engines.

Of course there are many more free SEO tools and I’ll cover some of them in a separate post.  In the meantime try these out, especially the image ones.  Every day I see people using images that have cost them a small fortune when they can get totally free images if they know where.

Need more help ??

If you want any more information PM me or leave a message in the comments box and I’ll be glad to help.

If you know of any other SEO tools at no cost, please put them in the comments box below so that everyone can benefit from them.  If you got value from this post, like and share it with your friends.  It may help them too.

Have a great day.

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Kristina Coyne

Hi Ian, great post. It’s great to know about places to get help without having to pay for it.
Could you expand on what you mean by adding metadata to your images, and how you do that? That would also be really useful to know.