5 Ways to Make Sure You Achieve Your Goals for Your Online Business

5 Ways to Achieve Online Business Goals

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Does it seem to you that there are never enough hours in the day ?

Running your own online business, any business as a matter of fact, is very much like that.  The ‘gurus’ make it sound so easy. Do this, that and the other and all the success in the world will come to you.  Then you start your business and you realise it isn’t like that at all. It’s HARD !!

When you first start your business you’re full of energy and enthusiasm.  You work all the hours God sends but in the majority of cases you don’t see the rewards those gurus promised you.  Your family is complaining that they never see you.  You probably don’t eat or sleep properly.  Makes a lot of people want to give up and that’s why 97% of people who start online businesses fail.

I guess we all get that feeling at some time or another. You do everything you’re supposed to do; plan the following day the night before, be clear about what you need to achieve, get up early and start work. Somehow, by the end of the day, you still have things that are not completed.

There are 5 main reasons why this happens.

5 reasons you don’t achieve your goals

1. You gave yourself too much to do. – People often underestimate how long it takes to do something. I’ve heard ‘gurus’ say you can do 5 blog posts in a day. Maybe you can if you already know your subject backwards, are an experienced writer, understand search engine optimisation (SEO) and the dozen other things you need to know about blogging. You won’t even get one blog post finished in a day when you first start out.

2. You got side-tracked and diverted from your plan. – Laptop business seems such an attractive idea when you first start out. You can work from anywhere at any time and apparently make a shed load of money with very little effort. Nothing could be further from the truth !! Working from home is hard.  Trying to stay focused where there is always something else that could demand your attention is one of the most difficult things to do.  It requires discipline and motivation to walk past that broken door without stopping to fix it.  The shopping has to get done so if I do it now I can concentrate on work better, later.  It’s a nice day to get the washing done. I’ll do that now and then focus on the work I need to do.

  1. 3. Instead of finishing a task you spend too much time trying to make it perfect. – Perfection doesn’t exist. It never has and it never will but some people waste a lot of time trying to find it in everything they do. They worry that what they produce will never be good enough so they tinker with it more and more and its never finished. Not only do they end up wasting more time on a job than is necessary, it prevents them getting other tasks done. At the end of the day they’ve achieved nothing.  Then they feel bad, dejected, useless and incapable.
  2. 4. Something cropped up which you hadn’t planned for but had to be done. – We’ve all been there I’m sure ! You’ve carefully laid out your plans for the day, week, month, whatever and then something happens to destroy them all. You might get sick, have an accident which lands you in hospital. Your child may fall ill and you need to spend time looking after them. Your house might get flooded, damaged by a tornado or fire. Any number of things could happen which make you stop everything you’re doing and deal with it.
  3. 5. You spend too much time on social media sites – This is one of the main reasons would be entrepreneurs don’t achieve the goals they set for themselves.  Of course, it’s essential for anyone working online, and even bricks and mortar businesses, to spend some time on social media. We all have to showcase our businesses on social media.  Social media can also be the biggest challenge we have as entrepreneurs.  Spending necessary time on research, advertising, posting are all legitimate and necessary reasons to be on social media.  The problem comes when you spend too much time reading through posts and not doing the work which will move your business forward.

You can control all these things !


5 Ways to keep your goals on track

Keep your goals on track

Here are 5 simple things you can do to help you keep on track with your business goals:

1.Be realistic about how much you can achieve in a set period of time.  If you’re just starting out I can guarantee it won’t be that much.  Whatever you do, don’t get caught up in the industry hype which tries to convince you that you can complete 2 email sequences, 3 blog posts and 8 social media posts in a day.  That’s easy when you’ve got a team of people working with or for you but when you’re starting out you’ll be on your own and on a fast learning curve.

2.Concentrate on and finish one task at a time.  Contrary to popular opinion, humans are not really designed for multi-tasking – especially when it relates to being creative.  If it’s important that you work on several tasks during the day, set aside periods of time for each task and don’t go over that time.  That way you are at least focused on the task you are doing during the period you set aside for it.

3.Restrict your visits to social media to 3 times a day and for no more than 30 minutes at a time.  This requires serious discipline but if you can achieve it you will be amazed at how your work productivity improves.

4.Stop trying to make everything perfect.  As I said above, perfection does not exist.  If you’re writing a blog post, don’t edit it more than twice – then publish it and move on to the next job.  Everything you do in your business will get easier as you gain experience but don’t expect to be good at everything right off the starting blocks.

5.When you’re at work be at work !  The great thing about working online is that you choose the hours you are working.  If there are non-work related jobs you have to do like getting the car serviced, schedule time out of your working day but make up the hours later. No more ad-hoc jobs lol.

We can all come up with a load of excuses about why we haven’t done this that or the other but most of the time that’s all they are – excuses. Everyone has the same amount of time and everyone has things they have to do. How we use our time will determine whether we achieve our goals or not. Look at how you spend your day and see how much time you can recover.

Thank you for reading this post.  I hope you have found it useful.  If you have any questions leave them in the comments box below and I’ll answer them for you.  I’m always happy to receive feedback on my posts, good or bad but if bad at least say why so I can improve it. Leave a comment if you liked this post, click the like button and share it on your social media sites so that others can see how it could be useful to them.

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