Turn your life around - no-one else can do it for you

Make your own path – don’t follow everyone else

Once upon a time there was a guy who we’ll call John, who had reached a point in his life where he needed a new direction. But what direction ?  He knew he was bored with what he was doing for a living and wanted something else.

Does this sound a bit like you ?

Most people don’t like change, do they ?  It can be frightening – especially when you’ve got a bucketful of financial, family and social commitments to deal with.  John was no different to most people.  He’d got a mortgage, too many bills and a family to take care of.  Not only that, John was in the later years of his life, some would say too old to be starting again.

Some would say that, but not John.  He had total confidence that he could start again and achieve everything he wanted to for himself and his family.  He knew what he wanted to do, so he started working out how to do it.  What he wanted was to find a way to help as many people as possible to get what they wanted from their lives.  Of course, he had to make a living at the same time.  John had a friend, a young lady who we’ll call Janet, who was of like mind and in a similar position to himself.  Together they decided that the best way to achieve their aims was to start a business which would provide help to as many people as possible.  money-confidence-life.com was born.

So What Are We About ?

Our aim is to provide content and information which might be useful to you.  Much of it we will give you at no cost.  Some items will only be available to members on payment of a monthly fee.  Some products you will be able to buy without being members. We hope that visitors to our blogs will also leave comments which will be helpful to other readers.  In as short a time as possible we hope you will have helped us to fill this website with information which can be used by anyone to improve their lives.

Thank you in advance to everyone who helps us to do this.  We hope you enjoy the site and come back often.