Confidence comes from inside you, not from anyone else

During my life I have met hundreds of people who claim they lack confidence to do something.  At one time or another, we all feel scared or nervous about something – no exceptions !

Confidence isn’t something that is taken away from you by someone else.  It is something you deny yourself.

Don’t mistake a lack of confidence for a lack of willingness.  Can’t isn’t a natural word in any language.  Can’t and won’t are two different things.  It’s not that I can’t jump out of a perfectly good aeroplane at 10000 feet with a bit of silk strapped to my back, I won’t do it.  My choice which has nothing to do with confidence.

We are brought up to believe that if we don’t get a good education, pass all our exams and get a university degree, we are somehow inferior to those that do.

Some of the best business people in the world never went to university.  Those with the degrees work for them.  Some of the best computer brains in the world are 16 year olds who never finished school but there’s nothing they can’t do with a computer.

Never let anyone tell you that you are inferior to anyone else.  Never just ‘follow the pack’.  Just because you think differently to the majority doesn’t make you wrong.  If everyone believed what everyone else believed we’d still be walking around thinking the earth was flat and the sun revolved around it.  In each case one person questioned the common belief of the day and set out to prove it wrong.

You can achieve whatever you set out to achieve if you just believe.  Confidence is something that comes with experience but if you never take the risk you will never prove, even to yourself, that you can do something.  Yes, it could be a risk but life is a risk.

Take the risk, stand out from the crowd, make more of your talents, reap the rewards and live a happier, fuller life.


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Ian Watts

61 years old. Lived in several countries around the world and visited many more. Two grandchildren I adore. I've been a professional investigator and a trainer. Love going on cruises. Semi-professional photographer.

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