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Lead or follow

Are you a sheep or a shepherd ?

A young manager, John, was having problems in his job.  No matter what he did his team members seemed to work against him.  He was convinced they didn’t like him and were deliberately trying to get him into trouble with his boss.

The young guy decided to take himself away for the weekend.  A couple of days walking in the countryside might give him a fresh perspective on things.  That Friday John went to his favorite hotel in the middle of the Yorkshire Dales.

Next day John went for a walk.  During his walk he saw a shepherd tending about 100 sheep in a field.  The shepherd was accompanied by a Collie dog, sitting by his master’s side.  Suddenly the man ‘grunted’ and the dog ran off in a wide circle to the other side of the flock.  While John watched, the shepherd and his dog moved the flock of sheep from one part of the field to another.  All John heard as the sheep moved was an occasional call or whistle from the shepherd.  At each sound, the dog moved to ensure the sheep stayed together and all going in the right direction.

As John watched this he thought to himself, “How can one man and a dog control so many sheep so easily and I can’t even control a team of 5 people ?”

Lead or Follow ?

John approached the shepherd and asked him how he did it.  The shepherd told him it was all a matter of finding the right tools and knowing your flock. “Sheep tend to follow each other”, he said, “so once you get them moving it’s just a matter of keeping them going in the right direction.  That’s where Blackie comes in.  Without him I wouldn’t be able to do it.”

“Who taught you to be a shepherd ?”, asked John.  “My father”, the shepherd replied.  “He was a shepherd all his life and it’s much easier to learn from someone who knows what they’re doing. I’ve changed things a bit but I stay pretty close to his teaching.  That’s one of the things I love about this work.  I’m my own boss, making my own decisions.  As long as the sheep are well looked after, I can more or less work as I like.”

For the rest of the weekend John thought about what the shepherd had said.  He realised that, although he had an MBA he didn’t really know how to lead.  John needed someone to help him, a mentor; and he knew just the person.

I lead !Lead but with a mentor

Running your own online business can leave you feeling a lot like John.  So much to learn and so many people trying to give you advice.  Everywhere you look someone is trying to sell you another ‘shiny object’ which has little chance of working.  You might have bought a lot of those already.  What you need is to find a mentor or mentors who have been where you are and have learned how to be successful.  I was in the same place as John until I found my mentor, Dean Holland.  In 2008 Dean was in a bad place but he built himself up with his own mentors and now runs a 7 figure business.

Following the advice and training I’ve received from Dean and his team, I am now making money on the internet.  It’s hard work so don’t believe anyone who tells you otherwise.  If you’re willing to work hard you will get the results you want but you NEED help.  You’ll never do it on your own.

You can be a sheep and follow what 99% of new online business owners do –  fail over and over again.  Or you can be a shepherd and lead in your field.  The choice is yours.  Are you a sheep or a shepherd ??  Do you lead or follow ?

If you want to learn how to lead with an online business, Dean holds FREE web classes every Monday and Thursday.  In these web classes he will tell you what you need to do to be a leader in the online business world.  His training programs are among the very best in the market.  His support is the best you will find.

Follow this link to register for the Monday web class and this link for the Thursday web class.  Learn to lead in your field and you could own a 7 figure business too.

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