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sarah_williams1-300x293I’ve just been having a look at a site which, on the face of it, gives students some good ideas for making a bit of extra money online.

Here’s the site:

Every student I’ve ever met has told me they need extra cash and this site gives you the pointers you might be looking for.  In some cases you’ve probably done most of the work you need to get up and running.

A word of warning though !

Some of the ideas on this site push you towards betting and investment sites.  Personally I’d never suggest that any student on a limited budget should ever get involved in such activities.  They are, at best, high risk and more often than not loaded against the investor.

Still, have a look.  There may be something you think you could do and any extra money is better than nothing.  Who knows, you might make a fortune and be able to live a great life.

Good luck and don’t forget to let us know how you get on.  Your comments could help someone else make more of their life.

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