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How to publish your ebook online will depend on what you want to achieve.  Most authors start with Amazon because that is the largest platform in the world, so we will start there.

How to Publish Your eBook on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing

Anyone can publish an ebook free on Amazon, whether you have one book or twenty.  The great thing about using Amazon is that you can specify where in the world you want your book to be seen on the various Amazon platforms.

The first step to publishing ebooks on Amazon is to sign up for a free account on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP).  You can do this by signing in to Amazon using your normal sign in details at .

Once signed in go to ‘Help’ on the top menu and you will find yourself on this page .  Help Topics are listed on the left of your screen and the first thing you will do is create an account by clicking on the relevant hyperlink near the top of the Help Topics list.

This will take you a few minutes and should be done carefully because it is a bit of a pain to change things later.

Once you have your account you should read the Help Topics headed ‘Publishing Process’ before you do anything else.  Publishing ebooks seems, on the surface, to be a very simple process but each publishing platform has its own requirements in relation to formatting, ebook covers and so on.  Becoming familiar with Amazon’s requirements before you try to publish your book will potentially save you hours of work later.  If you follow the guidelines in the Help Topics you will not have any problems.

Amazon allows you to publish your ebook on one of its two platfoms; KDP and KDP Select.  Publishing on KDP allows you to publish the book on other platforms, such as ibooks, as you desire but the royalties you receive from the sale of your book will be less than those on KDP Select.  The one major consideration before choosing to publish on KDP Select is that you are giving Amazon exclusivity.  You are not allowed to publish your book on any other platform, including your web site or blog, while it is enrolled in KDP Select.  The enrolment period is initially 3 months and this continues until you tell it to stop.  I normally publish on KDP Select for about 6 months to get the improved promotion that comes with that and then switch to KDP.

You will market your ebook in the same way that you would market any other offer but it is well worth visiting and reading KDP Promotion and Merchandising section as well.  This gives you access to various tools used by Amazon to help promote your ebook on their platform.

Some authors also like to produce a paperback copy of their ebook for customers who like to read the printed page.  This is very simple to achieve using Create Space which is an Amazon Company. It is a separate platform with its own rules.  Sign up here .  The concept of Create Space is that customers can purchase a paperback copy of your ebook and when they do it is printed on demand by Amazon.  Of course, Amazon charges for this and you receive royalties from the sale of each book.

Publishing on KDP has a one advantage in respect of the distribution of your ebook.  It is arguable the largest online store in the world and gives fantastic cover.  There are, however, alternatives that you may consider beneficial.

How to Publish Your eBook on

The alternative to publishing your ebook to a single platform is to find a publisher that publishes your ebook to all of the platforms for you. is one of these.  It is free to use, has a very easy interface to prepare your book and then publishes it to about 12 different platforms including Amazon, iBooks, Barnes & Noble and Sony.  This in itself can save you a lot of time and money. Booktango shows you in easy steps how to publish your ebook.

The really great advantage to publishing on is that you receive 100% of the royalties from your book.  I have only just started to use this platform and so I can’t provide a detailed review at this time.  On the face of it booktango is an e-author’s dream and well worth exploring.

I hope this article has given you some information to work on.  If you have any questions please contact me.

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