How to use PLR to increase traffic

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PLR stands for Private Label Rights and is used to describe a licence you receive to use material when you buy a PLR package.  A good PLR package will contain a PDF document (often an ebook), promotional material such as email swipes, sales videos, infographics and powerpoint slides; articles, mind maps and other content materials; and graphics.

Once you have purchased the PLR pack, you will be able to use it in almost any way you want to within your own business.  Here is a useful document which gives you 101 ways to use PLR and believe me, you couldn’t think of half of them without spending hours building the list.

The benefits of using PLR is that you are getting almost everything done for you, subject to the rules I prescribe below.  You can buy PLR packs for anything from $7 to $50, a snip of a price if you consider the amount of time it would take you to produce the material.  For people who don’t particularly like writing material, PLR packs carefully chosen, are an absolute dream come true.

What do you need to consider when buying PLR packs ?

Although PLR packs sound like the answer to your content finding challenges, the quality of different vendors’ packs varies a lot.  There are certain things you need to look for when sourcing PLR:

  1. Is the vendor reputable ?  You will find many vendors on the internet but not all of them are honest.  There are ways to identify whether a vendor is reputable so read on.
  2. Does the pack come with all, or at least most, of the material I mentioned in paragraph 1 above ?  Some vendors try to get away with just producing a few mediocre articles but steer away from them.
  3. What can you do with the pack once you’ve bought it ?  With the pack you should be provided with a Licence  which will tell you exactly what you can and can’t do with the material.  If there is no license with the pack, DON’T buy it !

I have spent quite a lot of time researching PLR vendors and these are the ones I would recommend to you as being honest, providing quality materials and having a fair and transparent license:

  1.   has over 300k pieces of PLR material.  This is a membership site at a very reasonable cost.  Excellent value for money.
  2.  also a membership site but packages can be purchased without joining.  Really good value.
  3.  articles only but quite useful if you want something for a ‘quick fix’ at very cheap prices.  Just make sure you re-write some of the articles before you use them.
  4.  some really great packs especially if you are in the healthy living niche
  5.  everything from individual article packs to ‘business in a box’ which contains everything you need to make a business from the pack.

How do you use PLR ?

Although it sounds great to just buy a pack, put your name and logo on it and publish it, that strategy is going to end in disaster.  I have known people do that without even going through the content themselves and then discovered that the quality was not what they expected and devalued their own business.  Here are 5 tips for making sure your PLR purchases will work the way you want them to:

  1. Only buy packs relative to the niche(s) you operate in.  There is so much good PLR out there that you will be tempted to buy all kinds of products – DON’T !  Focus on your niche !
  2. Read the pack’s contents from beginning to end and make notes about anything you might want to change
  3. Re-write anything you are not happy with.  Another reason for making changes to the material is that many people may have purchased the pack you are using.  You need to stand out from the crowd so make sure your published material doesn’t look the same as your competitors’.  Change wording, colours, videos, squeeze pages and so on to make it yours.
  4. Brand your material with your own name and logo before you publish it.
  5. Where possible, break the pack into different parts and sell each part separately


PLR is a great way to improve interaction and engagement with your audience.  Buy the right packs and you will have a plethora of material you can use to populate your blog and sell.

I hope you have enjoyed this blog and found it useful.  If you have please LIKE, COMMENT and SHARE and return often for more useful information.

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Great article Ian, I need to start using my PLR stuff that has been gathering digital dust on my hard drive.


Great Content! Thank you. I did not know many of the things you mention in here and better you have save us tons of time giving us the list of trusted PLR sites. I will be looking into them once I finalize my site settings and starting my blog and FB page. One question do you use the PLR content in both FB and blogs?

Roger Shane

Hi Ian–

I clicked on your “Useful Document” link above and it said I would receive an email access if my request for permission was approved. Several hours now, getting ready for bed, but no email so far.

Donald Gors

Great Information Ian was this a PLR tooo? Wow as Glenn said there is so much more you can do with this information this is a Grand Slam !

Stay out Front of the Camera !!!

Ian Watts

Thanks Don. No PLR here, all my own work. Glad you like it.

Richard Coriell

Thanks for the info. Good stuff. I think I’ll give this a try