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Is Your Video Equipment Stopping You Making Videos ?

Do you worry that your video equipment is not good enough for internet videos ?

Don’t !! You actually need very little video equipment to start making videos on the internet.  In this post I’m going to tell you exactly what you need and where to get it

What video equipment do I need to make  internet videos ?

Video equipment requirements for making videos for the internet depend on the level and quality you need.  Internet gurus often have their own video suites with full lighting, backdrops, expensive microphones, sound proofing and so on.

If you’re just starting out with producing videos for use on the internet, you need very little video equipment.  The very minimum equipment you need is:

The means to record the video

Something to hold the ‘camera’ steady while you’re recording

A microphone

Somewhere (a web site) to publish the video too

So let’s look at these items of video equipment in a little more detail.

Use a camera to record videos

DSLR camera as video equipment

Video Recording Equipment

There are various methods of recording videos; cameras, camcorders, computer software.  While inexpensive now, you don’t need to spend money on cameras or camcorders you’ll only use now and then.  Most people have smartphones these days and the quality of camera on those phones is better

Use a smartphone to make videos

Smartphone as video equipment

than a lot of dedicated cameras.  All smartphones are capable of recording video so why spend money on equipment you don’t actually need.  Just use your smartphone to record the video and you’ll be able to upload it directly onto the internet.

Stabilising Equipment
Hold your smartphone steady

Essential video equipment

There are various methods of holding a camera or smartphone steady while you record your video.  In the case of the camera, that will normally mean a tripod.  A smartphone can sit in a cradle of one type or another.  You can see photos of the options on this page.  Tripods can range from a few £/$ to hundreds of £/$ but you don’t need to spend a lot.  A small tripod will do to hold a camera and a cradle like the one in the photograph will hold your smartphone on a desk or in the car.

Audio Recording Equipment

Most cameras and obviously all smartphones now come with integrated microphones which are plenty good enough for most internet hosted videos.  If you want to upgrade to something similar to the microphone in the picture, you’ll be spending over £/$100 so don’t do it unless you need the higher quality audio.  Similarly, if you’re recording video straight onto your computer, the computer’s built in microphone will be good enough for general video work.


Editing Software

When it comes to which computer software to include with your video equipment, you are going to have so much choice it’s mind-boggling.  If you can afford it and you’re not a complete technophobe, Camtasia Suite is a good investment.  There are many less expensive options which promise all sorts of wonderful things but they take time to learn.  Unless it is absolutely necessary because you’re producing high-end video, research and find the simplest program you can for what you want to do.  Don’t be lured into buying a program just because it has the longest list of features.  You probably wouldn’t use 80% of those features anyway. Also, check what training and support comes with the program.  Do a search on YouTube for videos related to the program you’re thinking of buying.  If there are training videos on there the program is probably being used by quite a few people and worth serious consideration.

Where can I get the right equipment ?

Most people have a smartphone of one make or another for their everyday use.  Within that smartphone you’ll have a camera to take photographs and videos and a built in microphone.  If you want to improve quality of your videos, you could purchase a separate camera but it is unlikely you will see much difference.  Cameras can be purchased from any of the big retail stores but will probably be cheaper on the internet.

Smartphone holders can be purchased from most of the mobile phone shops you see on the high street these days but, again, will probably be cheaper if you buy online.  You can get tripods in all the usual places online: eBay; Amazon, or at any of the high street camera stores.

Unless you are intending to produce really high quality videos, don’t waste money on expensive microphones.  The microphone on your smartphone or computer, or camera for that matter, is good enough for the average video these days.

I’ve already mentioned Camtasia above and that is a good video suite, although rather expensive if you’re just starting out.  You may have already been offered several video products by affiliates but be careful to research them thoroughly before you buy.  It seems that a new video product is launched every day but most of them aren’t worth the money.


People will tell you that your videos must be really high quality to get noticed.  Well, very recently a young lad with a brain tumour and various other illnesses published a video online which was nothing more than a series of photographs and captions.  That video got over 11 million views.  It isn’t the quality of the video that matters as much as the quality of the content.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money on video equipment if the only videos you are going to produce are marketing, promotional or social videos.  Facebook live is quickly becoming the most popular way of putting video onto the internet.  It doesn’t cost anything to do that and all you need is your smartphone.

Work out what you want your videos to achieve, the quality they need to be to achieve that and only spend money on the essential video equipment you need to meet your goals.

Thank you for reading this post.  I hope you have found it useful.  If you have any questions leave them in the comments box below and I’ll answer them for you.  Leave a comment if you liked this post, click the like button and share it on your social media sites so that others can see how it could be useful to them.


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