Positive Thoughts Need Preparation

Positive thoughts result in positive action

A lesson from a 6 year old

Think positive thoughts for success

A year or so ago my wife and I took our grandchildren to Disneyland Paris for a few days.

At the time our granddaughter was into princesses in a big way and her favourite by far was Rapunzel. On one particular day we promised the little girl she could visit the princesses.

Positive thoughts need preparation

Unknown to me, our granddaughter packed her Rapunzel dress and when it was time to visit the princesses she changed into the dress. I chuckled to myself to think that she wanted to look like a princess when she visited them.

I had to stay outside with my sleeping grandson but when granddaughter came out she was very, very excited. “Granddad I met Rapunzel”. She was smiling and dancing around, very happy.

My wife told me that while they were waiting to see a princess, our granddaughter was first put into one queue but then the attendant had told her to go into another queue, which led to Rapunzel.

My granddaughter said that while they were waiting in the queue she spent the whole time wishing that it would be Rapunzel she saw.

I learned the power of positive thoughts

I’ve thought about this experience many times since then and realised that my granddaughter’s positive thinking, together with her preparation (wearing her Rapunzel dress), had been responsible for the successful outcome of that day.

Now I practice the same things. Prepare well and keep thinking positively and you will also achieve the success you desire.

Amazing what you can learn from children isn’t it.

Use positive thoughts to generate your desires

The only way you will achieve success in your business, or your life, is through positive thoughts. You reap what you sow.  If you think negatively, negative things will happen.  Think positively and good things will happen.

Spend 10 minutes at the beginning of every day sitting quietly and letting positive thoughts about whatever you desire, to travel through your mind and body.  This is called affirmations.  Believe you already have it and, if you deserve it, you will get it.

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