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Everything is in your hands !

Everything is in your hands !

It’s funny what we think about. Yesterday I was getting some exercise in the New Forest in the south of England.  I started off keeping to the man-made gravel paths but then decided to go back to my car via a little used path through the trees. It started off OK but soon began to get wet, and more wet, and more wet.

Before I knew it I was up to my mid-calfs in mud and water. Now you might think the sensible thing to do would have been to turn around and retrace my steps but not me.  I decided to carry on and for 2 km I struggled through the mud and water with the occasional respite of firm ground.  Eventually I got back to a proper path, caked in mud and soaking wet from the knees down.  While I was making this journey I was thinking about my business.  It occurred to me that what was happening reflected what I had done in my business during 2016.

Keep reading and you’ll find a free gift that I have personally used to make money in my business in the last year, at the end of this post.  It could be a life changer for you.

Did I stay focused ?

Short answer – NO ! I started my online business in February, brought into a fantastic program of teaching and support but didn’t follow it as well as I should have.  A lot of my time was wasted looking at other things.  Instead of keeping to the path I allowed myself to deviate and ended up waist deep in things that didn’t help my progress at all.

It is so easy to tell yourself that you are going to accomplish something new, but what happens when whatever ‘new’ is, takes longer than you had allowed for? Your motivation starts to disappear and quite often you give up on the idea altogether.

Where does the desire to stay focused come from?

Stay Focused

There is a great article here which discusses how some young entrepreneurs manage to stay focused in their businesses.  Well worth the read believe me.

First thing you have to realise is that to stay focused can only come from one place – inside you.  Yes, you may see, hear or read something that makes you decide you want to do something but no-one other than you can make you do it.  Only you can find a good reason why you want to do it – money, happiness, health, image.  Whatever it is, it is your reason, no-one else’s.

You’ve probably been told that a person can be motivated by another person but think about it.  I could suggest many reasons why you should try something new, tell you about the benefits and give you examples of how others have achieved success.  Unless you believe what I say and are willing to work hard yourself to achieve your own success, no amount of words from me are going to change anything for you.

Working in a home based business has many challenges of its own in relation to staying focused.  This article will explain and give you solutions to some of those challenges.

An example

It can definitely be hard to stay motivated about things. Weight loss is a fine example of this. If you have ever tried to lose weight you know your enthusiasm is so high for the first week or two. As you make lifestyle changes the pounds drop off quickly and you are feeling great about your efforts.

A few weeks into your diet you plateau and don’t lose any weight. You start to eat a little more or stop exercising as much and then before you know it you’ve abandoned your goal and gone back to your old habits. The message I gave you, or perhaps your doctor gave you, hasn’t changed.  What has changed is your desire to stay motivated enough to make the effort to lose more weight.

There are several reasons for this. First you may not have recognized that plateauing is a perfectly normal occurrence when it comes to losing weight. Secondly did you use not losing any weight as an excuse to have that extra treat or to miss a workout? Your mind can do wonderful things and is capable of coming up with hundreds of reasons to not do something.

How do you stay focused then ?

To stay focused you can do a number of things:

  • Set small goals.  Small goals are easier and quicker to complete, giving you a greater sense of achievement.  This motivates you to meet the next goal.
  • Keep a calendar of your goals.  Set realistic completion dates and stick to them.
  • Share your goals with someone else
  • Join a group of people with the same goalssuccess

By creating smaller goals you won’t feel as overwhelmed when your results start to dwindle or slow down. If you break this down further into weekly targets you can easily stay motivated and focused for longer. It isn’t as hard to do something new from a Monday to Friday as it is to think about doing it for months at a time.

Next you really need to be honest with yourself. Going back to our weight loss example, if you have lost 15 pounds before you hit that plateau then congratulate yourself on that achievement. Focus on what you have done and not where you have to go! This is why it is often a good reason to keep a record (photos, videos, written diary) of your weight loss journey. When you are feeling down take a look at them and remember what you did look like.


By changing your mindset to be more positive you can stay focused with your goals.  You’ll have off days but don’t be discouraged.  Think about why you want to achieve your goals and keep working on those reasons.

Free Gift

Now for the free gift I promised you.  Click on the link to get access to invaluable free training on how to start an online business which doesn’t require you to sell anything or even have your own web site.  I’ve used this myself to start my own online business so I know it works. Just work hard and stay focused and you will be successful.  Click here now to make your future brighter

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