Successful Online Business Strategies – #1

successful online business

Mentoring and Coaching are Essential

Successful online business is something being sought by more and more people today.

Earlier this year, at the ripe age of 61, I decided to leave behind my work career and begin a new life building a successful online business. Now you might think that’s rather a stupid move at my age but I didn’t see it that way at all. I’ve always liked a challenge and what I had been doing wasn’t challenging me anymore. Add to that the fact that my health was deteriorating and I decided that changing career was my best option for two reasons.

Internet marketing was something I’d been looking into for 2 years but I’d only dabbled in it. Now I wanted to work at it full time and make a shed load of money in the process. The dream of many I hear you say. Secondly, working on the Internet would allow me to work as long as my brain functioned – even if other parts of me stopped working. The question was, what did I want to do and why ? I knew a little about Internet Marketing (IM) and things like Affiliate Marketing so I thought they would be a good place to start. I’d published a few books on Amazon and sold a few copies of those.  That was another string to my new bow. I decided I want a successful online business.

I had a lot to learn

When I really started looking into working online I quickly realised that I had a lot to learn and needed to learn very quickly. I had Facebook and LinkedIn accounts but had never used them to anything like their full potential. Other social media was a complete mystery to me. Everyone I came across said the same thing – ‘You need a list’. What list ? A shopping list, to-do list (I had one of those that got longer every day). I’m the world’s greatest procrastinator but that’s another blog for another day. The answer was an email list and I didn’t have one.

Like any other business, I needed to know who, what and where my customers were, then I needed a list to send emails and offers to them. Where could I get one ? Or how could I get one ? Even when I had one what was I supposed to do with it ? So many questions and the more I looked into it the more I realised that there were hundreds of vendors prepared to sell me their ‘solutions’ to my challenges. I started attending free webinars offered by anyone I thought might give me a solution I could trust and work with.

Finding a mentor

Throughout life I had found a handful of people I considered to be my mentors. People I trusted to give me the right knowledge and training, not afraid to tell me when I was being an idiot (often) and who I looked up to. These mentors were few and far between but that’s what I needed now. Question was who ? There were hundreds of people claiming to have made millions of dollars doing IM. Who should I listen too ?

I’d spent over 30 years of my life as a professional investigator and always thought I was quite a good judge of character. About a month into my new career I found myself on a webinar being presented by someone who has become my mentor and friend, Dean Holland. The more I listened to Dean the more I realised that he was the mentor I wanted. He talked in a way I could understand, had failed and then made it as all great business people do and seemed to have a really great training program which also gave me an income.

I signed up and immediately realised what a good move I’d made. The training was great and full of fantastic ideas. The support was brilliant with daily opportunities to gain new knowledge, ask questions and get help. If you’re serious about making money on the Internet, get yourself a mentor. It doesn’t have to be Dean or his team but you won’t find many better.

Take action now !

If you really, really want a successful online business click here to get access to a free video where Dean explains his program to you. It will be the best few minutes you’ve spent in a long time. Good luck in whatever you decide to do.

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