Action is the Key. Watch a Ferris Wheel.

Action Lessons from a Ferris Wheel !

Only action is going round and round

Have you ever watched a Ferris Wheel at a fairground ? They come in different styles and sizes but they all do the same thing don’t they ?  Ferris Wheels go round and round and do nothing else !  Personally I’ve never understood the attraction unless you want to be stuck with someone special at the top of the circle.

So why do people ride a Ferris Wheel ?

You go round and round on the same circle for as long as the ride lasts, starting and finishing in exactly the same place. Yes, you can look at things with a different perspective while you’re going round but you still end up in the same place as when you started. You haven’t moved forward and you haven’t moved back. One minute you’re high and the next minute you’re low.

If you’re not careful this can happen in your business too !

You start out with extremely good intentions. I’ll make 100K this year you think. You buy into various programs and you learn the techniques you need. Then you think you need to know something else and buy into another program and another program and another program.

All you’re doing is making the program vendors richer !  Problem for you is that you think you’re taking action and moving your business forward.

You’re stuck in this cycle of buy and learn but you’re not taking the action needed to move your business forward. You’re wasting time !  Just like the Ferris Wheel, every time you go round you see something new but just seeing it isn’t going to grow your business.  You need to focus on moving your business forward. Reading this blog post will give you some ideas about how to achieve that.

Get off that Ferris Wheel and take action

Going round in circles isn’t going to get you anywhere.  You have to take action to achieve results.  Stop buying more and more ‘shiny objects’.  Learn what you can from what you have and then apply that knowledge to making money.  Action is the key to progress.


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