What are you worth ?

One of the main reasons that people lack confidence is because they don’t understand what they are worth. A couple of weeks ago a local company decided that itDon't limit yourself was going to close its local branch, which will result in the loss of about 150 jobs. Understandably, there are now a lot of worried people.

Last week I was asked to help three or four people prepare their CV’s. Most of them hadn’t written a CV for many years and had no idea of how to begin writing one. When I spoke to them, their main problem was that they didn’t understand their own worth to themselves or the businesses they work for. None of the people I spoke to had been in school for at least 15 years but they still insisted on putting school qualifications such as GCSEs onto their CV’s. When you’re going for a job in 2015 what does it matter what happened in 2000? Is it really important that you didn’t get a good grade in GCSE maths 15 years ago when for the last 10 years you been negotiating contracts and handling budgets worth hundreds of thousands of pounds?

Understanding your own worth is key to having personal confidence in yourself. Modesty is not a good policy especially when you’re going for a job. You need to learn to blow your own trumpet. Never underestimate the value that you brought to the business that you have been working for. There is no such thing as skilled or unskilled labour. Everyone is skilled at something. The surgeon is skilled with a knife, they know anatomy and physiology. They will have university degrees and many years of experience and training. On the other hand, the cleaner often thinks of themselves as unskilled but they need to know about chemicals, they need to know about the dangers of handling chemicals, they need to know which chemicals to use on which surface without damaging it. I can guarantee that the surgeon doesn’t know these things.

People should never underestimate the amount of skill that they need to carry out their jobs. Sit down today and write down all of the things that you need to know to do the job that you’re doing now. Write down all the things that you’ve learned over your years in work. If you’ve not been in work write down all the things that you’ve learned during your lifetime; how to communicate and how to manage money for example. Hopefully by the end of this exercise you will realise that you are worth far more than you thought you were.

Never hide your light under a bushel. Everyone is good at something, no one is good and everything.

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61 years old. Lived in several countries around the world and visited many more. Two grandchildren I adore. I've been a professional investigator and a trainer. Love going on cruises. Semi-professional photographer.

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